About Diartspora Gallery

White Barbed Wire

White Barbed Wire, artist unknown, 1971

Welcome to Diartspora Gallery, the home for art by and of African-Americans. This is a place where home-grown visions join with professional depictions to present a stunning visual narrative of the African diaspora in the Americas.

Whether rendered by the trained or the self-taught hand, these works illustrate the tremendous richness and breadth of the creative spirit lying within the black community. Assembling this collection has been a journey of passion and partnership. Along the way, I have been privileged to know and become friends with some of the artists.

It began with a fortuitous discovery in a thrift store in Philadelphia almost twenty years ago. Encouraged by the vision of the artist Katie Pfeiffer, it expanded to include works in a multitude of media and from different parts of the globe. The majority of the art, it can be assumed, arose from individuals gifted with creativity but bereft of classical instruction. Not to worry. The urge to manifest something beautiful from their life experiences again and again trumped the creator’s lack of traditional training. The result is the vibrant, diverse collection of mainly outsider art that constitutes the Diaspora Gallery.

Michael Guerin, Director of Diartspora Gallery